The Orang Kuat

List of Orang Orang Kuat for the Wedding:

Azhani (aka Nani)

About Azhani: 

Azhani is the Nani in Kahwin Khronicles also known as Kak Nani (I am not that old, dammit). I’m not much of a writer, even lesser of a blogger but yes, I am your DIY woman. I would DIY my entire life if I could afford the time and $$$. People, please remember, DIY aint necessarily cheaper. Anyway, having just blew a hefty sum of $$$ on my own wedding recently, I so totally relate to KKK. That is why I am totally 100% behind you in your crazy pursuit of your dream wedding. Gooooooooooooo Farna! KKK and Nadai were my orang kuat before and during my wedding. And they are damn kuat, I shit you not. So come November 2013, this kakak will DIY whatever nonsense KKK wants. And when Nadai’s turn comes, I will send my children to you habibi. I’m so cool with child labour, don’t you worry.

What Azhani thinks about #saliheenfarhana: 

#saliheenfarhana is a pain in the ass when they are quarrelling. And they can quarrel about the most inane things. Punctuality or rather unpunctuality is almost always topic of the day! DO NOT; I repeat, DO NOT get caught in the crossfire. It’s not pretty. Sure, once or twice it’s amusing. But when you have 2 pairs of eyes staring daggers at you demanding you choose a side, you better play dead. But when these two are not at each other’s throats, they are the quirkiest, funniest and cutest couple ever. He’ll whine, she’ll placate. He’ll giggle, she’ll cackle. He’ll stomp his feet, she’ll whore him around. Cute kan?! I cannot wait for them to get married. It’ll be a riot! A very good one!

Amanina (aka Nina)

About Amanina:

Nina, is the bridesmaid you will see fidgeting in her seat every 5 minutes. I’ve been told by Farhana that my mouth is damn laser but I’d like to think of myself as an honest person who mean only good things for the people I love. The one you can count on to knock some sense into you when deciding if you should book that tangerine kebaya with the 56781 flower sanggul litang. I can be anywhere and bring anything that you want me to within 15 minutes. Oh, and in case you were wondering, NO to the tangerine kebaya and the ridiculous sanggul lintang please.  

What Amanina thinks about #saliheenfarhana:

I first met Saliheen & Farhana at a Dita Von Teese show sometime last year and I must say I haven’t quite met a couple with such dramatic dynamics! We’ve bonded over late night suppers, karaoke session (where they sang while I watched & laughed) and a fabulous all breakfast party prepared by the awesome duo. Farhana’s a rah-rah cheerleader whose aim is to organize everything in her life into excel sheets while Saliheen is like your all-around makcik who cooks, cleans and nags incessantly. Hanging out with them is like being caught in the middle of couple’s counselling where all you can do is look away or play with your phone while they fight it out. I have nothing but love for this couple as they run the last leg of their journey to the wedding finish line. When Farhana asked me if I’d like to be one of her bridesmaid, I squealed, “I’ll be honoured!” in a heartbeat.  

Nadiah (aka Nadai)

About Nadiah:

Nadiah, better known as Nadai (don’t ask), is the last female singleton in the group and a perennial bridesmaid. Occasionally doubles up as the in-house-rapper-cum-entertainer.

I have a spectacular knack for getting into the most ridiculous misadventures, which led to the birth of the nickname and hash tag:  #BadLuckNadai. Despite being fully aware of this, Saliheen and Farhana have still very kindly asked me to be a bridesmaid at their wedding (though I now suspect it may be for the sheer LULz). By the end of 2013, I would've been a bridesmaid a grand total of eight times. 20 more weddings and they make a movie about me.

What Nadiah thinks about #saliheenfarhana: 

I first got to know Farnamals after reading a particularly epic entry in 2008, declared that I had to be friends with the writer of such a hilarious blog and then did the next most natural thing to do, which was to stalk her on Twitter.

Over the course of our friendship, I was introduced to Saliheen and immediately took to him thanks to his infectious giggle and because I too have a weakness for big, silly men.

The thing I like best about #saliheenfarhana is how they feed off each other’s sense of humour and are able to build up the banter with such ease, leaving everyone around them crying with laughter. Of course that is until you find yourself caught in one of their rows, in which case I suggest that you leg it like a bat outta hell.

Life often makes me question the notion of soulmates but this particular couple makes me still have hope. There's no doubt in my mind that even if these two occasionally fight like children, they couldn't be happier with anyone but each other. 


About Aisyah:

Aisyah is one half of #ShamSyah and a recent bride! I got to know firsthand just how stressful and harrowing it can be to plan a combined wedding therefore I am more than willing to support this fellow bride-to-be in every way I can. While Farhana won’t be needing much of my help in planning the major wedding details - pretty sure she’s doing pretty well on that front! - but for when she’s on the dais and spasming about every possible little hiccup that might surface on the big day, I *promise* to be the voice of reason reassuring her that her painstakingly detailed plans are coming to fruition, that she looks stunning, that her Mak Andam hasn’t gone over the top with the nose-shading (!) and that there’s no lipstick on her teeth (!!). And I also promise to wear flats on your big day just so you know how serious I am about making sure you can count on me!

What Aisyah thinks about #saliheenfarhana:

I have known this couple for a while now and I honestly do not know two people more cheekily suited to each other than Farhana and Saliheen. She tends to him with a patience that I cannot fathom; from tolerating his play fighting, his hilarious tantrums and layans his super random comments about everything, all without missing a beat or breaking a sweat! They push each others’ buttons to the point of breaking and then without warning, he’ll suddenly break out an unexpected “I love you” to a fuming Farhana and the whole cycle starts again ;)

I am so excited for these two to get married and I have so much respect for Farhana and what she does in the spirit of planning her wedding because absolutely NO ONE comes close to having the dedication that this woman has. Farhana knows exactly what she wants and gets things done the most efficient and quickest way possible, so being a KK bridesmaid is a badge of honour I feel. I just know it’s going to be a hoot being there for this particular bride <3

Shamir (aka Sham)

About Shamir: 

Shamir (aka Sham) is one of Saliheen’s best friends of more than a decade, who in Saliheen’s words, is “someone I could trust my life with” (everybody, awww). Being ever-willing and reliable to Saliheen, he is also, according to Farhana, very pakcik. So this Pak Sham is more than honoured to contribute, in any aspect, big or small, to the success of this wedding event of 2013.

So, to draw inspiration from our favourite Kakak Kahwin Khronicles (see Al-Kisah tab), the story goes a little something like this:
  • In 2001 the #bromance blossomed when Shamir met Saliheen at Catholic Junior College
  • Shamir studied, ate, played hockey/pool/soccer & lepak-ed with Saliheen for the next few years and they were there for each other through thick and thin
  • As with any “bro” relationship, there were ups and downs
  • During a “down” period of time, Shamir fell out with Saliheen around 2007
  • A while later, Saliheen then met Farhana
  • Aisyah (Shamir’s ex-girlfriend, now wife) started following Farnamals on Twitter and they connected through social media.
  • Aisyah then encouraged Shamir to mend things with Saliheen – something that Saliheen has been praying for years to happen
  • In 2011, Shamir and Saliheen patched up and rekindled their #bromance. 
  • Bak kata pepatah “Gigi dengan lidah adakala tergigit juga” but this #bromance is “Air dicencang tidak akan putus”.
  • In 2012, Shamir married Aisyah and made Saliheen the bestman & OIC for the groomsmen.
  • Akan datang 2013, Saliheen will marry Farhana & Shamir will head the groomsmen as OIC

Mentioned a few times in Kahwin Khronicles, this trusted and unofficial wedding advisor, will leverage on his past wedding planning experience and try to exceed expectations in his duties as one of the orang kuat  to ensure the smooth conduct of #saliheenfarhana’s wedding proceedings.

What Shamir thinks about #saliheenfarhana:

I have known Saliheen for years, and I can say there’s really no better partner for him than Farhana. The very first time I met Farhana at the Geylang bazaar during Ramadhan, we lepak-ed till almost sahur!

Saliheen is the laid back type, relak-jek person. He likes taking things slow, living life simply, being a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. On the other hand, Farhana is the “ONZ” type, always planning, executing her plans and organizing. She’s great at being resourceful and reliable; she’s independent and a go-getter.

One of the reasons why Saliheen and I are close friends is because we complement each other.
Shamelessly, I see a bit of myself in Farhana i.e. the organizational and planning qualities (but I’m not so extreme lah, don’t worry Farna, you are miles better at this than me).

Saliheen and Farhana are just like yin and yang – two complementary, yet opposing individuals, interacting to form a whole dynamic system while balancing out each others’ qualities.

Insya’Allah, I think this #saliheenfarhana combination is what will make their marriage a lasting one coupled with lots of love, trust, patience, give-and-take and communication, amin!

And here’s a piece of pakcik advice: When you are married, remember to never go to bed angry at each other.

Ahmad (aka Mudd)

About Ahmad: 

Ahmad, also known as Mudd, also known professionally as Mustafa, and sometimes Mr Grumpy, was bestowed with the honour of being the first from Saliheen's "Wolf Pack" to meet and hang out regularly with Farhana. (Please chill with the rest of us more often. Despite what we call ourselves, we don't bite. Really.) With that honour, he has been pimped out by Farhana on this blog and occasionally receives random MMSs of photos of girls she wants to introduce to him. He is also fiercely loyal to Saliheen, as he trusts this best friend of his with his deepest concerns, fears and secrets. So fierce, apparently Saliheen is afraid of doing something silly in front of him for fear of being snapped at.

What Ahmad thinks about #saliheenfarhana:  

After these few years of enjoying the company of this MFEO couple, I've learnt how to love how caring, confident and hilarious the both of them are. Although I constantly roll my eyes about their kiasu-ness on planning their wedding, I am honoured to be part of it, and very much looking forward to the big day. I promise to be the voice of reason and I'll try my best not to troll in every photo I'm in (or photobomb in). I'll save the rest of what I have to say about them in the kickass wedding toast which I can hardly wait to give. 


About Fadzly:  

Fadzly, also known as GG or Fadily (Saliheen called me that) is a gentle giant. A man of few words, sensibly funny and a loyal friend. He was Saliheen's partner in crime during NS and poly days and their friendship lasts till today.

What Fadzly thinks about #saliheenfarhana:  

I didn't get to hang out much with this educated mat and minah couple often compared to the rest of the orang orang kuats but I was there all the time when they started to "main mata" during our poly days... Haha.

Saliheen, do you remember one of our theories during poly? "Kutuk kutuk cukup time jadi matair..." Oops! Now I'm happy that you guys are getting married. What I can say about this couple is that they complement each other and are a match made in heaven.

Aku berdoa agar perhubungan kamu berdua berkekalan hingga ke Jannah In Shaa Allah.

Fauzi (aka Poji)

About Fauzi: 

I'm the brooder. Dark, mysterious and... handsome, at least, that's what they tell me. I'm Nani's other half and I'm a man of very few words. Hence, this short paragraph.

And oh, I LOVE CATS. I even have a kitty cat mafia, Nadai can attest to that.

What Fauzi thinks about #saliheenfarhana: 

Weird, noisy and annoying when they quarrel. When they are not, they pretty much can't keep off each other - they just don't notice it. Truly honoured to be a part of this wedding, and wishing you both nothing but the best because marriage is the best thing that can happen to a man (Nani forced me to type this.)