Friday, April 26, 2013

behind every beautiful wedding website is an even more beautiful wedding

Question: How do you know a wedding is going to be beautiful, intimate and ridiculously amazing? 

Answer: When the website that comes along with it is as beautiful, as intimate and as ridiculously amazing as this.

Advance congratulations to the super cute and super hip couple! Bloody amazing pictures are by Zakaria Zainal, whose super awesome nak mampos work and talent never fail to take my breath away and make me want to crash down on my knees and weep in appreciation #drama #hahaha (I've ridiculously gushed over him here last year)

Oh, and while we're on the topic! Saliheen and I are about 80% done with our own wedding website!!! It's not as lovely as Adib and Mizah's or like the one I previously wrote about here, but it's built with bundles of love and sincerity so we hope our guests will like and appreciate it just the same.

To our guests - if you can't wait to see our website, go read our The Orang Kuat page in the meantime ok! Fadzly finally gave his portion just as I was about to change his from "Akan Datang" to "Tak Akan Datang" so now that page is finally complete. Yay! 

Writing for that page was the first thing I made our groomsmen and bridesmaids do, and that was ~probably~ about the time they started regretting their decision to be our orang kuat for our special day muahahaha. 

But that said, we are truly thankful and blessed to have good friends who are more than happy to not only utilize their experience and skills in organizing and handling events efficiently for our wedding, but can also be funny and entertaining when they write.

Can't wait for November now, it's going to be a riot!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

busuk tales of bunga bouquet

I don't usually post explicit stories about wedding vendors bitching and clawing each other to death because you can never really pass judgment without truly knowing both sides of the story.

Unfortunately the latest saga between two bouquet sellers is backed with legit pictorial evidence and has left me feeling very, very disgusted and very, very angry... and I am disgusted and engry enough to share the saga - You can click here to see the album specially dedicated to what happened by Cradle Love by Matyn + Mishel.

No further comments from me because I'd prefer you browse through the postings and make your own conclusion. Peace out, K-town.

the era of pelamin diy

Have you all seen the super pretty nak mampos Malaysian-style-inspired local Malay wedding over the weekend??? DIY-ed by the pengantins one ok!!! Wish I can post and share the picturesss but I've only seen them off other people's Instagram feed (I scrolled through the pictures via the wedding's official hashtag) but because I'm too paiseh to wholesale hijack pictures off Instagram, I'll letak sneaks aje ok:

Sungguh awesome dot com dot SG, please!!! 

I don't know the pengantins personally but congratulations to them for pulling their DIY wedding off so well! Wish I had the guts and the balls and paling penting the urat rajin to do something crafty and creative like that for my own wedding... but I don't, so I shall besarkan mata and punggung and drool over orang lain punya aje ok. Hur hur.

Monday, April 22, 2013

alia bastamam bridal 2013 campaign

Some of my personal favourites from the collection (in no order of preference):

(Source: Alia Bastamam KL)

Stunning. Stunning. Stunning

What else is there to say about Alia Bastamam's Bridal 2013 campaign, right?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

happy updates! (and one less than manja experience)

Happy updates on the last few items on our wedding list!

(1) Bridal Shoes

Can you freaking believe it - I've found my dream bridal shoes for the wedding without any intention of doing so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I have been paying special attention to shoe shops whenever I go out for lunch (perks of working within walking distance to two shopping centres) for the past two months but nothing ever catches my eye. I was not too bothered by it really, because:
(a) I still have 6 more months to search for the perfect pair... and I think that's more than enough time to find bridal shoes. Right?!

(b) There is a possibility I might change my mind and have to buy another pair after I go for my outfit selection. Never know what'll happen - dah happy happy beli kasut kahwing way before outfit selection lepas tu bila pergi choose baju pengantin three months before the wedding tiba tiba colour and/or design tak kena with the outfits pulak.

(c) My married girlfriends tell me I can worry about getting a pair that I will love wearing because a good and pretty pair will make me feel really happy about wearing it but not too much sampai tulis emo poems slit wrist segala because firstly, there is a high chance I'll wear it during the wedding only and secondly, nobody will really notice during the wedding anyway (Aisyah asked me whether I remembered her bridal shoes to which I had to sheepishly admit with an "Errrrr... no.")
After considering the above, I figured bridal shoes is not something that I have to prioritize now and told myself I'll only actively search after I've gone for my outfit selection three months before the wedding.

And then... this happened:

Sham, Aisyah, my mat and I went to JB over the weekend to cut hair and buy groceries at Southern City and after we were done, we had to decide whether to head to KSL City Mall or City Square JB for lunch. Sham was championing KSL City Mall because my mat and I have never been there before - I actually preferred to go to City Square JB because terasa macam nak makan at Sizzling Stone Grill. But tak tau kenape, someway or another, my heart macam reluctant to voice it out because Sham seemed really keen on checking out the makan places in KSL City Mall.

Plus! My mat and I already told them before the trip that we'd follow their itinerary (because they were the ones who wanted to run errands in JB and we were there just to teman them for fun) and there really was no harm checking out a place we've never been to before kan? So I shrugged it off and we went with Sham's suggestion. 

Reached KSL City Mall and started walking around to look for interesting makan places that are not available in Singapore - takde maksud eh pergi JB pastu makan kat KFC or Seoul Garden (speaking of which... did you know that Seoul Garden provides halal catering for weddings too?!) But someway somehow by a fantastic twist of fate, I caught sight of a super cute concept shoe shop called 'Sugar'... and that was when I saw it - I SAW THE BRIDAL SHOES OF MY FREAKING DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!

Wish I took photos of the super cute shopfront but I was too distracted and excited to remember so here's a lousy screenshot off KSL City Mall's website haha:

They had a glass display filled with sparkly and glittery shoes suitable for weddings and just before the salesgirl brought down the pair I pointed out, I caught a glimpse of the price for another pair on a higher shelf - looked like RM239 or RM259. Thought that was not too bad, considering that it wasn't too far off from my budget for bridal shoes. Slipped on the pair I wanted and this, my friends, was how I felt and looked like:

So what else was there to do, right??? Told the salesgirl "I'm taking this!" and then she told me the pair I chose was on 20% off! Ish ish ish, ini anak... siang siang tak cakap, pandai betul kau buat orang lompat kegembiraan eh?! But just when I thought nothing could have made me happier after that, I asked her to confirm the price for the pair I chose so I could calculate the discounted price... and she said the original price for that particular pair was RM199!!!!! And all the while I thought it was above RM200 lor!!!

So there you have it - dream bridal shoes cost me RM199 + 20% discount = RM159.20 = SGD64.90. Ok, now. Exactly how does my dream pair of bridal shoes look like ni???



Ok, here's a close-up for those yang suka tengok benda dekat dekat:


(I suspect the black markings on the sole was caused by me doing a little shuffle dance inside the shop because I wanted to see whether I can move freely in the shoes. Also because I wanted to dance my excitement out before I burst into flames of glory hahaha)

Took about a million pictures because I am freaking obsessed with my bridal shoes.

How can I not be? It is exactly what I dreamt of having but thought impossible because it looks like it only belongs on the glorious pages of Pinterest. And how often do you get something that fits all your pre-set criteria? This beauty fits all my criteria for bridal shoes ok:

- Must have thick platform

- Must have thick heels

- Must have bling blings all over

- Must be white or nude in colour

- Must be at least 4 inches high

- Must be covered (cannot be open-toe)

- Must cost less than SGD100

I was actually quite ready to let go of the "Must have bling blings all over" criteria because I figured it must be difficult to find something like that for under SGD100, and there is NO way I am ever going to DIY and pasang the bling blings one by one onto a plain kasut just to get that effect. Looks like I'm wrong because someone somewhere out there had taken on the daunting task of painstakingly pasting the bling blings one by one onto the kasut just so someone (me) can have her dream bridal shoes at a very good price - so whoever you are, I'm sending you lots of love and sparkle ok! ♥☆

And oh, guess what! With me hugging the shoes close to my chest (haha takut kasut tu lari pe), we headed to Oyster King for lunch after that... but found out that they were out of oysters for the day! (Ridiculous kan Oyster King running out of oysters?!?!?! Ape punya king tak guna ni, pergi letak jawatan and jadi nelayan sua. Gi pancing oysters sana.) We looked around for other makan places but tak berkenan with anything else so we ended up leaving KSL City Mall to have lunch at City Square JB instead. Turns out Aisyah wanted to makan at Sizzling Stone Grill but didn't voice it out earlier as well! So end up we went to KSL City Mall for nothing... except for me to unintentionally discover the bridal shoes of my dreams! YAY!

Fate works in wonderfully mysterious ways, doesn't it? My mat and I punya belief in rezeki and takdir was strongly reinforced after what happened during our BTO journey and this is another example that God has rewarded us with. Alhamdullilah for that! And now I can't wait to bring them babies out for my bridal outfit fitting appointment :D
Might have to peel them off my feet now and stop wearing them to sleep so they'll stay fresh and new for the wedding..........

(2) Invitation Cards

Already settled the invitation card design for our dinner reception (I love it!!! Thanks Adik!!! I love you till the end of time muah muah) so last I updated, we're left with the afternoon reception punya invitation cards.

A little hiccup here because we cannot seem to find anything his parents like :( Kita dah tunjuk invitation card vendors to them but semua macam cannot fit their liking. His mum quite liked Ruzanna's invitation card which was designed and printed by Card Maison (we passed her the card as sample) but even after we tried to steer them towards making a decision by telling them about Card Maison's promo last March, it was a no go.

Then we recently saw something from From Fran With Love that we thought might suit his parents' taste but even after a few rounds of possible revisions and suggestions, they are still not budging! My mat sampai dah give up wholesale and told his mum to cari her own sources haha.

(This was the card design that we thought his parents might like, by the way - if you prefer to have something other than the usual trendy postcard fare that's very popular now, you can approach From Fran With Love for this kind of card design:

Very simple but very pretty hor~~~)

On my end, I asked my mum the paling-relek-jek mak pengantin and my dad for their preferences but their replies were "Sembarang" and "Kau lah pilih, ayah ibu pilih nanti kau tak suka, kau tu kan cerewet" respectively. Lol. Trust my parents to know me so well lor.

So I looked through the different card design and printing service providers in the market (other than Card Maison, since we already missed the cut off period to place orders for our November wedding) - there's Pretty White Veil, Kad Pengantin, The Card Room, Studioflux Concepts, Khookhoodoodle (sister company of Innovazione Gubahans - whose gubahan designs are getting even more prettier by the day!) and the newly launched Paperkard (With a fellow kakak kahwing behind it! Hi Shuhada! :D)

But somehow I'm already very comfortable with From Fran With Love after liasing with her for the past two to three weeks sooooo I've finally decided to engage her services to design and print my wedding invitation cards! Absolutely love her service ok! She's super duper patient with my queries, always very cheery and friendly (Yay fellow Farhana! "Farhana" means "Happiness" by the way hehe) and keeps apologizing for "late replies" padahal lambat reply two to three hours je seh. Heh. Some sample designs off her Facebook page, in case you're interested!

So yes, I settle the kettle for the wedding cards already YAYYYYYYY. Damn outstanding task been bugging me for months and now it's finally out of the way woohoohooooo.

(3) Baju for Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

Another thing that's finally out of the way is the baju baju kuat for our orang orang kuat! My mat met the guys to choose their fabrics and have their measurements taken at Grand City Tailor whereas I met the girls at Joo Chiat Complex to have their measurements taken and pass the fabrics we previously bought from Princess Fabrics to a well-known tailor called Manja last weekend and had both groups meet for lunch.

BY THE WAY - Can I just use this opportunity to complain about my horrible maha terrible experience at Manja??? The nyonya who attended to us WAS FREAKING RUDE AND CONDESCENDING TO THE MAX, PLEASE. Every single thing we requested for was replied with a "Ini design tak lawa lah!!!" "Lu buat gini tak cantik!!!!" "Apa pasal lu mau buat macam gitu???" "Wah lu mau bikin ini design wa manyak susah wor" "Ini design manyak leceh lah!!!" siap with jeling menjeling and annoying jabbing gestures EH SIAL LAH, aku peh suka, aku peh pasal ah aku nak buat macam mana sak.

You're already so overpriced because you pride yourself for good tailoring and workmanship kan??? If you're so bloody good at tailoring then how come semua pun you tak boleh buat and semua design pun leceh to buat or tak cantik to you???? One of the girls kept saying I should tolerate it because "semua tailor memang grumpy macam gitu pe" but I super hate when people who are good at what they do become mother bloody yaya and act like an asshole just because "they can afford to do so".

Plus she was not just grumpy, she was RUDE and she was CONDESCENDING. Not manja at all lor. I pay you good money to do your tailoring magic, not to be give me and my friends your perangai puaka. My regular tailor (who is also a nyonya by the way) is nowhere near grumpy like this mother bitchy nyonya, and even when she thinks a particular design tak akan suit the person wearing it, she will patiently explain why and suggest sound alterations to the original requested design.

It might have been my rotten luck to be attended to by that particular nyonya at Manja though - my girlfriend who often sends her stuff for tailoring at Manja told me that there are two shops at Joo Chiat Complex under the name Manja and the one that she always go to is another unit and the service there is much better than the one I went to. Pfft.

Will go to the other unit with my sisters next two weeks (because I need to get their measurements done as well for their baju) to see whether the experience is any better. For what it's worth, after I posted a picture on Instagram and captioned out my grievance with the nyonya, I had a few other people commenting to tell me they have had less than desirable service from the unit that I went to. Workmanship memang tip top tapi service macam siak. Urgh, marah ni >:-(

Ok dah that's it lah, tak nak angry and negative lagi because angry and negative vibes will be rewarded with angry and negative karma. So I shall now be a true blue Farhana and be very happy that at least we got to meet and catch up with every single one of our orang orang kuat all at one shot last weekend! :D :D :D :D :D

Sayang korang ke hujung dunia and thanks for making the effort to indulge us, guys!!!

And thank you for reading this whole chunk of an entry, korang. Sorry nak kena potong this entry abruptly because dah nak masuk my sleeptime. I pun kena get some sleep ok, you think I 24 jam blogging, vendor stalking and cari inspiration for the wedding is it.

Friday, April 19, 2013

my future husband, the little child

This happened when it was first announced that there will be a sequel to "Finding Nemo":

 Ada chance jadi bapak in the near future but still squealing over cartoons. Ape maksud?!

In case you didn't know, my future husband's favourite movie of all time is Finding fucking Nemo lah ok. You should see him squeal everytime he watches it, especially his favourite scene which he can repeat and mimic over and over and over again:

(Scene from 0:06 to 0:11)

Seriously tak paham aku. Tapi takpe lah, comel punya pasal aku layankan.

He even did a Malay version himself ok: "Eh siak ah korang, korang buat aku berdakwat" HAHAHAHAHAHA EH DIAM SAK KAU

(By the way, this anak is very excited about other upcoming sequels like Monster's University and Despicable Me 2 jugak eh! Ever since I got together with him 4 plus years ago, I've been watching almost every cartoon or animated film that comes out in the movies ok. Hidup aku belum ada anak kecik tapi rasa macam dah ade satu ok -___-)

Ok no point to this entry actually, just the fact that I kind of kasi diri sendiri a reality check slap after I sent that reply to him. Possibility of him being a father, and me being a mother in 2015 - sounds pretty real and scary and near, doesn't it? *shudders*

We're planning for 1 and a half year gap after the wedding before kita start trying for anak but whether it'll really materialize depends on our rezeki, of course. We all know there is this real little thing called "Kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan" - we can map the hell out of our future plans (just like our wedding plans!) but if memang no rezeki, tak dapat means tak dapat, right? Of course kalau dapat, Alhamdullilah! Hehe so untung kan my future anak, can get excited over cartoons with his bapak.

hurry up, may!

Ahhhhh can't wait for May already lah!!!!!

Everytime it's April I always rasa macam nak tendang tendang the month because the month always feels so lembab seh. Probably because my birthday is in May and I lurrrrrvvveee the month of May ok! Hehe. Lagi lagi this year we'll be going for our kursus rumahtangga in May... very curious to see how the experience will be like for us!

I also have this annual tradition of blogging about my birthday wishlist just before May comes around (kat my personal blog previously, before I started Kahwin Khronicles) so this year shall be no different walaupun this is the year aku dah officially on the wrong side of twenties ye tuan tuan dan puan puan. Ah well. Looks like this is the year filling up forms will start to be different for me! Sebab starting from this year dah kena tick "26 - 29 years old" punya kotak and 'Married' punya kotak pulak. Hur hur.

Anyway! I blogged about my birthday wishlist last year (I got 4 out of the 5 items I listed - YAY YAY sayang sangat kat my mat, Nani and Nina for getting me the gifts I wished for! - the 1 thing I didn't get was the USS trip on my birthday, which was ok lah because I eventually went on my USS trip earlier year which then turned into my wedding proposal in end hehehehehe)

Some people might think birthday wishlists are very tak tau malu, but I personally think it's very practical. Everytime nak belikan my friends birthday presents susah seh, especially if I don't even know what they want or need. Nanti end up belikan gift set from The Body Shop. Kiwak, bosan tahap tidur berdiri pe.

So here we go, my birthday wishlist in order of preference! 

(1) Bobbi Brown Gift Card or Vouchers / Cosmetics

Not sure if Bobbi Brown issues gift cards or vouchers but it will be awesome to receive them because... make-up aku dah nak habis lah seh hahahahaha. Macam tau je nak dekat birthday kan! Kalau takde gift cards or vouchers then below are these items I really need to replenish my very kesian diminishing make-up supply:
Bobbi Brown oil free even finish compact foundation (No. 5 - Honey)

Bobbi Brown Lip Color Rouge A Levres (No. 9 - Burnt Red)

Bobbi Brown Blush (Nectar)

(2) Gift Card / Voucher from any optical shop

I'm currently using worn out spectacles yang dah berlapuk and banyak scratches because... errrr... tak tau jaga betul betul ah. Hur hur. I only wear spectacles on the way to work in the morning (because I sleep in the train to work every morning and it's uncomfortable and unhealthy to sleep with contact lens on) and when I'm at home but having a new pair would be really nice. I think I've had my current one for... 3, 4 years now? Dah as lama as relationship aku with mamat aku sia. Dah boleh ajak kahwin ni.

(3) Jewelry Mirrored Cabinet

Sooooo useful kan bendealah ni! Ada mirror kat depan ok! Saw it from another bride-to-be punya Facebook (Thanks, Kefreen!) and she told me I can find it on Qoo10. Just search for 'jewelry mirrored cabinet' and voila! My mat will definitely appreciate this once he moves in with me because my jewelry will be more organized (I think) and he wouldn't have to nag at me about my messiness like the becok little housewife that he is *shudders*

Ok, that's it, y'all! The three main things that I will appreciate sangat if I get them as birthday presents! Tapi ni wish aje lah, kalau tak dapat as birthday presents pun takpe, boleh belikan diri sendiri with birthday discounts muahahahaha. Oh! I will also appreciate Cold Storage or NTUC vouchers sebab boleh beli all the fruits and rumput rumput for my daily #kilokhronicles meals hehehehehe

For my fellow kakak kakak kahwing who have no reason to love the month of May as much as I do, at least you can haz Tahta Tiara's Winter Wedding Showcase (blogged before here), Jentayu Gallery's Wedding Exhibition 2013 (blogged before here) and Mega Xpress International's Wedding Bliss and Lifestyle Asia to look forward to next month!

 (Source: Tahta Tiara)

Still not sure whether to go for Tahta Tiara's Winter Wedding Showcase to go meet From Fran With Love about wedding card designs because macam very the malas to keluar on a public holiday which falls tengah tengah of the week hur hur. (Speaking of which, blog entry about wedding cards coming up next!)

Wish I can go for Jentayu Gallery's Wedding Exhibition because the vendors featured semua best best belaka seh!!!!! Dessert Artisans??? Facelift Design??? Maria's Le Caterer??? The Project Pixel Photography??? Versari Ade??? I suka!!! Powerhouse habis!

But as much as it will be best belaka, this year I dah angkat white flag lah. Dah almost two years turun naik wedding exhibitions and showcases, akak pun dah nak pancit ok.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

magic from across the causeway (part #4)

You know how Singaporean Malay weddings should start looking like?

They should bloody hell start looking like this:

Click to enlarge images.

(Source: Ratio Design)


*stamps feet sampai lantai ada sinkhole*

Thanks to my dear friend Nurul from across the Causeway for the heads up! (Is it just me or is it almost your first wedding anniversary in two months plus already???) Told my mat to take a look at Ratio Design over the phone earlier and we couldn't stop gawking over the dais and decor designs!!! SOOO CANTIK I WANT TO PENGSAN!!! AND MERAUNG NAK KAHWING AT MALAYSIA!!! WAAAAARGHHH!!!

Haiz. Aaaaanyway. This awesome vendor from across the Causeway also does candy buffet tables, dulang gubahan and bridal bouquets which are as awesome as their decor works so please click click click on their Facebook link to enjoy their awesomeness okkkkk. Tapi I warning dulu yang you all will geram sendiri just like what happened to me - I saw their promo quote for 1 mini dais + 7 dulang gubahan + 1 hand bouquet + 200pieces of favours for RM2200. RM2200!!!!! That's, like, SGD900?!?!?! Mother bloody of cow lah seriously. SGD900 you bayar untuk taik hidung jelah kat sini.

While browsing through Ratio Design's FB, my mat actually pointed out one thing which I do agree with: One of the possible reasons why Malaysian decor always looks so much more gorgeous and fresh than ours might be because their dais seats are always sooooo nice and exquisite and oh so dreamy and their items are always very clean and well-maintained (as opposed to Singapore punya - even the good decorators punya items kadang kadang ada nampak macam berlapuk or tua, at least from what we've seen firsthand at other weddings, so we're actually quite resigned to that fact.) 

Some people might think we're gila but my mat and I actually fret over the kerusi pelamin that we're going to choose for our wedding okay hahaha what WHAT. We saaaaayang our chosen decorators sangat sangat with our jantung and limpa all but we really cannot decide which one of their kerusi pelamin we'll eventually choose because we're not too excited about any of them :/

Tapi takpe lah eh, yang penting, as long as ada kerusi untuk duduk kat pelamin tu dah cukup bagus. Nak dreamy dreamy sangat nanti our decorators campak katil kat pelamin baru tau. Ambik kau dream. Daaaaaaahhh jadi pelamin untuk baring instead of pelamin untuk duduk eh! Macam that time I nampak pelamin terbaring kat Simei! I know it's not funny when pelamin roboh but my first thought when I saw that unfortunate incident was not "Eh! Pelamin roboh!" but "Eh! Pelamin baring!

Pandai pandai je panggil pelamin orang pelamin baring eh.

[Note: I've blogged about Malaysian wedding and their vendors here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here before.]