Tuesday, August 20, 2013

bulan madu di awan biru

Less than a week to the outdoor photoshoot now and I am starting to feel...

... ridiculously nervous.

Amacam cakap?! Baru photoshoot dah nervous! Ni belum actual wedding day tau :/

A few days ago, our photographer gave me the link to his Sessions Stylebook for pointers on what to wear, what to do and what to expect from the photoshoot but as useful as it is, I am seriously a big bundle of nerves right now lah kan. 

No thanks to all these annoying little thoughts running through my mind!!! Stuff like - I haven't lost much weight! What if I look like a ikan paus darat??? What if I can't take instructions properly??? Will Zak hate me??? What if I cannot pose for nuts or for freaking balls??? What if Saliheen and I look awkward sebelah each other?!!! Will I get an anxiety attack?! What if I look super stupid in my dress!!!

Oh, and talking about the dress.

Received my package last week and I was obviously super excited to rip off the package! But I tried the dress on and was quite disappointed when I tried it on because the bodice is a tad too thick for my liking (adding more bulk to my already bulky frame haiz) + sleeves were not as fitting as I'd like :(

My supermummy is working on the dress now, I haven't tried it on since she's not yet done tinkering with it but hopefully it'll work out fine by this weekend.

That's my supermommy and her trusty old sewing machine to the rescue.

Anyway, in happier news, I am psyched to report that I recently won a complimentary 1-night stay at Orchard Parksuites' 1-Bedroom Loft!!!!!

Thank you, Nuffnang SG! :D


We initially thought of using this as our staycation after the wedding but pikir pikir balek macam wasted gitu kan so we'll most probably use this to throw a nice little get together for our orang orang kuat after the wedding instead. Yay yay!

And as with most other couples who are getting married and hoping to go for their honeymoons with the next few months, we headed to NATAS Fair 2013 over the weekend to recce deals for our honeymoon!!!!! We went pretty late on Saturday because he needed to sleep after reaching home from camp at noon + I was out for jalan raya with my primary school friends so we were pretty tight on time.

I've mentioned in my previous entries (here, here and here) that we've been planning between Maldives and Eastern Europe for our honeymoon trip... and can you believe it? Even after months and months and months of discussing and asking for opinions from our friends via social media (thanks for the input, guys!), we still couldn't reach to a decision on our honeymoon destination bila dah ada kat sana.

Okay fine, I couldn't reach to a decision on our honeymoon destination.

My mat was already inclined towards Maldives after we spoke to a few agencies but I was still stuck between the two. At last macam bodoh sak diri kat tengah tengah dunia - Maldives brochures in one hand and Eastern Europe brochures in another - oblivious to the throngs of people milling around me because all I wanted to do was stop myself from being so wishy-washy, stand still so I can let my thoughts process freely and make a goddamn decision.

Took me 10 minutes to finally declare my final decision before we rushed back to the counter of the agency who gave us a reasonable quote for that particular trip and was told... "Sorry ah, just now I give you the quote actually cannot because the accommodation you want is we don't have one"

Mak dia peh datuk.......................................

Dah penat penat weigh pros and cons, sampai dah discuss beribu kali macam dalam parliament, dah shortlist maha shortlist then you come tell me this?!?!?! Apek, you cut my heart deep deep, you know?! You dah lama hidup eh apek?!

We left his counter to reconsider our options - my mamat didn't want to tergopoh gapah letak deposit for anything else in our frustrated state. He said we shouldn't rush it that night and suggested coming back the next day so we can make a well-informed decision. I agreed with him, of course - ni decision bukan pakai duit berpuluh puluhan aje oi, ini decision makan duit beribu okay. Must chop confirm guarantee maha maha punya!

So we went back home, did more research (while on the phone with each other) and went back to the NATAS fair the following day with the intention of asking for quotes from three other agencies that we didn't visit the day before "just to puaskan hati". 

Our first stop was Chan Brothers - mainly because they were the nearest to the directory. After about half an hour of waiting in line, we were attended to by a very nice young woman who spoke very well, knew what she was talking about and was extremely patient with us.

We gave her our list of short-listed accommodation and she gave us the relevant brochures to look at + a few others that weren't on our list for our consideration. Discussed prices, details, dates and terms and conditions and we ended up confirming the trip... with accommodation that was suggested by the Chan Brother's staff instead haha! This kind of proactiveness, I like. Thumbs up, toes up.

Anyway, kita pun dah malas nak gi tanya other agencies lagi ah hahaha.

Omgahhhhh can't believe our honeymoon is finally settled!!!!!

Okay, our honeymoon comfirmation is making me even more excited than before for November to come roll around!!!!! I'm also very happy that we don't have to push the honeymoon back for whatever reason so we'll get to enjoy our honeymoon a few days after our wedding :D 

And yay yay, ada countdown baruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Hahahahaha. That's his extremely pleased face after successfully annoying me. 

Kadang kadang macam masih tak boleh percaya I'm marrying this silly bugger in... less than two and a half months' time. Waktu oh waktu, kenapa engkau laju?


  1. Yay! Honeymoon settled! I pulak yang excited, maklumlah my time is over and the only way to relive the planning for the honeymoon is reading about how others excitedly plan theirs. Congrats for getting a good deal at NATAS :)

    1. thank you! i am super excited over this, sampai keep googling for blogs of people who went to the same destination for honeymoon ^^

      eh now you got new exciting adventure to embark on also, albeit a different kind hehe

  2. Gahhhh I'm so jealous! Nak plan & book honeymoon jugakkkk! Hahahah -xmissrosex

    1. hahahaha go plan your wedding first lah babe! nanti pandai pandai lah selit selit planning for honeymoon jugak XD

  3. andnow mesti u dah tak tgk all the wedding blogs u bookmarked and go stalk on travel blogs instead! I can't wait to know where you guys decided to go. Both would be awesome. I would be confused too.

    1. omg you're right!!!!! i cannot stop Googling and reading travel blogs now hahaha. actually i think it's possible to guess where we're heading to from this blog entry hehe but yeah, can't wait to fully blog about it :D