Monday, March 4, 2013

DIY becomes YDFM (you do for me)

I've been trying to decide whether I should DIY two things - (1) bridal bouquet and (2) photobooth + guestbook for our afternoon reception for the past two months!

After much thought and considering the fact that: (1) I am very malas to DIY and don't want to menyusahkan diri sendiri; and (2) I do not want to have to depend on my own friends and family and/or menyusahkan them in any way since they might have their own important things to worry about... I've decided it's better to let the professionals do the jobs for us instead! So yes, once again I have taken the pemalas way out haha yay!

Settled the deposits for these two items and now I can fully concentrate on getting contacts and design inspiration for our wedding invitation cards pulak. (More on this in another post, I don't want to start another one of my three-hours long Hindustan blog posts hahahahaha)

Bridal Bouquet

It was an easy choice for me when it came to bridal bouquet!!!

The only company I knew who could deliver good stuff cannot bluff that I will love to death is Facelift Design! I wanted to have a little bit of Facelift Design incorporated into my wedding anyway, so I asked them for their bouquet quotes, was satisfied with what I received so I confirmed my order for a corsage bouquet. Sukaaaaa!!!!!

Some of their previous works for viewing pleasure!

(Source: Facelift Design)

You can see their albums of pretty bouquet creations here, here and here.

You tinggal cakap je, you nak bouquet style ape??? Classic? Mod? Rustic? Chic? Whimsical? Facelift Design does them all, and does them all fabulously. Plus you have the freedom to choose whether you want fresh flowers or corsages - I personally preferred something that I can keep for some time instead of a bouquet that dies on me the next day after I've paid good money for it so I chose corsages over fresh flowers.  

The other companies that I know offer bridal bouquets are: Blushing Bouquet (who does mostly brooch bouquets, I think, someone recently told me they no longer do fresh flower bouquets), KS Blooms (no new works posted on their page recently so I don't know whether they're still actively taking bridal bouquet orders) and Heirblooms - Bridal Bouquet Couture (I saw someone mentioning them on Cozycot forum recently!)

Photobooth / Snap and Print Express Service + Guestbook for Afternoon Reception

I didn't really want to spend so much on this service for the afternoon reception so I told myself I'd set a budget for this one - nothing above $400. I knew from my earlier research that photobooths cost $600 to $800 for 4 hours of service so I figured I'll settle for snap and print services since they cost half the price of photobooths and I knew from previous experience that I should be able to get one under $400.

And then... I discovered Snap A Picture. (Ok, drama dah nak start ni jeng jeng jeng hahaha)

Truth be told I only had an okay-okay impression when I first saw their pictures and wasn't really that interested in what they had to offer - but I added them anyway because I believe that people and companies can improve over time with the right feedback and experience, and you never know when you might need to rujuk balik, just in case. And similar to what happened to me for my afternoon berkat and Mel's Genre - the minute I opened up my Facebook to tengok tengok which snap and print service I can consider for my afternoon reception... BAM! I saw Snap A Picture posting one of their albums on Facebook on my timeline.

And this time round I took notice! Because they now provide a very nice backdrop for their services, something other snap and print express services have yet to offer! (So now I'm not sure whether to call them a snap and print service or photobooth service haha) I also like the fonts that they use for their props (Yes, I am one of those idiots who will judge you if you use comic sans hahaha what what) sooooo I asked them for their quote to check if it was within my budget (it was), paid the deposit, received their T&C and I CAN HAZ A PHOTOBOOTH AND GUESTBOOK FOR MY AFTERNOON RECEPTION! YAY!

Granted, their backdrop is not the kind yang boleh swee swee fit in big groups of people but I'm not going to be picky about that if I'm paying half the price of photobooth services that provide proper backdrop that can fit big groups of people. Asalkan ada sua.

The best thing I like about them is the fact that their responses are fast and furious! I messaged them on Facebook at the unearthly hour of 7.47am on my way to work and was not expecting a response until much later, but received their reply almost instantaneously! This continued throughout our correspondence (kalau tak instant reply pun, it will be quite fast, within the next hour kind) and I was pretty happy about that ^^

(I contemplated between Wishing Wand and Snap A Picture initially but decided to settle with the latter because they're within my budget. I think Wishing Wand charges more because their backdrop lagi besar and boleh fit more people plus I think their photo jackets are fancier - if you're interested in Wishing Wand, they'll be participating at Perfect Frosting & Our Midas Touch's 2nd Exclusive Open House on 24th March 2013... siap with discount! So don't forget to RSVP if you're planning to go for the said event ok!)

But baaack to Snap A Picture - some pictures lifted from their Facebook account to meriahkan this blog post:

Listing other photobooth / snap and print express services available in the market below (replicated from my Directory tab) in case you're interested in engaging such services for your wedding reception!

Baicapture (Review from Nuptial Nervosa here)
Ezypics (Recommendation from The Pening Pengantin here)
Knot in Pics
One Eye Click Live 
- Once Upon Images (Thanks Noor for the heads up!) 
Palette Pictures 
Photo Pen Journal (Review from Bride Blabs here)
Snap A Picture Services
Wishing Wand (Recommendation from Feeling Feeling Kawin here)
Zudyra Creation (My review here)

Now off to blog about wedding invitation cards I go for my healthy kilo-khronicles-approved lunch! Ta!


  1. Thank you for listing our little wedding company site here :)
    - Raihan, OnceUponImages

    1. no problem! someone recommended you guys and i'm more than happy to list :) all the best!

  2. Was at a friend's wedding last wk! Their photobooth svc is another new team called ohMyBooth! Email is:
    Go check them out! Wacky props they provided, with gd svc and affordable price of less than $400!

    1. hey thanks babe! i'll include them in my directory soon :)