Sunday, October 14, 2012

are we clear?

Question Bontot Gatal of the Night:

I wonder whether there are companies that rent out clear chiavari chairs in Singapore.

(Source: Fad Manaf Photography)

 (Source: Kudegraphy)

Will be twitching like a mafaka until I get the answer. Till then.


  1. Hi farhana. There is actually! bc i stumbled upon a booth at expo that just rents out these chairs ajerrr. buttt im not gg to be any help bc i forgot which company that was. -_-. but just so you know, there is. haha.

    1. hello my dear!

      alaaa now i wish i went for the exhibition! hur hur. never mind, i shall exercise my internet mafia skillz and try find out who rents out clear chiavari chairs aje kalau i decide to have them for my reception.

      but anyway, tankiu!

  2. Hi Farhana,

    You can try Wonderland for Detailed Planners. They rent it out at $10 a pop. :)


    1. hi tini!

      oh i've seen through their website before but tak nampak any clear ones so didn't think they'd have. thanks for the heads up!

  3. jentayu rents them, if i'm not wrong.
    stumbled upon it while doing my own wedding research. =)

    1. no problem!
      absolutely LOVE reading your blog!
      and it's so helpful, too!
      congratulations on your coming BIG day, can't wait to see all the dreams you've weaved become a reality....i'm sure it'll be a gorgeous wedding, you're so full of such fantastic ideas!

    2. so super nice of you, thank you!

      i hope the execution can be as good as the ideas, thinking about it makes me so excited yet so stressed at the same time! hopefully my wonderful vendors and my wonderful(ler) friends and can help me pull it off. hehe.

      have a fab weekend babe!