Thursday, August 9, 2012

mencari berkat

Starting to slow down on wedding preparations and research because there's nothing much to do now until early next year. In the meantime, cuma kena work hard and grow grow grow our savings!

(After my mat received his permanent full-time position offer, I received news of my promotion! Syukur Alhamdullilah, boleh tokok tambah lebih sikit for our wedding savings :-D)

Still casually trawling through wedding sites for inspiration but since nothing much has been happening on the preparation front, there's nothing much to share now.

Well, except maybe the list of berkat service providers that I've come across in my research after I listed down ideas for wedding favours in an earlier entry!

(Note: Some providers have a more extensive range of products than others.)

Alternatively, if you want to beli sendiri food products in bulk pastu DIY the hiasan sendiri (ikat ribbon ke, masuk dalam paper bag ke, tampal sticker ke) then you can order directly from Walson!

(Tried looking for other local distributors but yang ada pun, distribute brand yang niche or merepek, orang dari Mars pun tak pernah dengar the brand agaknya).

Sooooo many favours and providers sampai I pun dah malas want to think about it anymore! At least for now lah. Will pick up momentum again early next year when we start to recce for / book / attend / design / prepare / decide:

- kompang groups
- wedding favours
- wedding bands
- barang barang for dulang
- kursus rumahtangga
- register online at ROMM and book tok kadi
- guestlist
- guestbook
- invitation cards
- outfits for our orang-orang kuat
- entertainment for wedding dinner
- song list

All that to be settled early part of 2013 because by the time we reach middle of 2013, we will start going for fittings and appointments with vendors. Senang cakap this time next year, our schedules will be packed with wedding-related appointments or tasks! In a way I'm quite glad we didn't choose a date that's too near Hari Raya next year so at least there'll be some breathing space between Hari Raya and our wedding... I hope.

You know, I still don't get why some couples choose to get married right after Hari Raya. I don't mean those held on the 3rd or 4th week of Hari Raya tau - in a way, itu tak counted because festivities would have died down by last two weeks of Hari Raya.

But now I hear of people getting married one week after Hari Raya starts! Ape maksud??? Is there some kind of discounted rates for services kalau kahwin time Hari Raya that I don't know about??? Or some kind of religious stand that I'm not aware about??? Lagi berkat if kalau kahwin one week lepas Hari Raya or something??? Is it supposed to be more convenient sebab family family semua boleh jumpa at one event??? Is it done so that guests can pakai baju kurung baju melayu all, attend a wedding and then conveniently go off to jalan raya and visit relatives??? Will it be more meriah because got tempias Hari Raya festivities???

Hahaha sorry jadi fanatic sekejap, my parents recently received wedding invitation for a wedding which will be held one week after Hari Raya so it kind of got me wondering. I know perkara yang baik tak sepatutnya ditunda tunda but I don't know lah, wouldn't hurt to wait out until the last two weeks of Hari Raya if you insist on holding your wedding during Hari Raya period, right.

Or maybe I'm just being kuno, I don't know. Aiya! To each his own lah hor.

Suka hati lah eh bila nak kahwin. Aku nanti pun kahwin time raya, ape. Cuma bukan hari raya aidilfitri ah, tapi hari raya deevapali hahaha


  1. I've got back-to-back jemputan from 2nd week of raya onwards all the way till October. One of them even said, "korang boleh raya sekali kat majlis aku, nanti malam sikit aku join".

    Siapa seh nak raya kat majlis dia... Orang nak pergi kunjung-mengunjung, ada kuih, ada lauk raya.

    1. !!!!!!!!!!

      sardine je your friend! takde makna nye eh!

  2. Farna, there is a hadith which says it is best to get married in Syawal. My cousin who is getting married on the third week of Syawal told me about it. :) But ya I agree with you. Kalau ye pon bagi ah orang chance to go visiting first eh. delay 7 hari aje!

    1. oooh i didn't know that! thanks for letting me know.

      and ya i'm ok lah if nak buat majlis during Syawal but like you said, kasi lah chance seh. mana nak visit relatives, mana nak pergi majlis orang kahwin...